Hi, I’m Chelsie

So this is my blog. Cool huh? It highlights everything that I love and the things that I’m passionate about! I absolutely love writing about things that are important to me or things that I feel have changed me, molded me or helped make me a better person. I love spending time with my kids, crafting, reading or playing games and being outside is our favorite! I love getting good deals and bargain shopping or looking for coupons! My husband is my very best friend and together we love exercise and healthy eating, but on that note I also LOVE FOOD! So with that being said, that’s the majority of what you’ll find here. And I hope that you love it as much as I do!

Welcome to 3boys1blogandme!

74 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Chelsie

  1. Chelsie,

    I read your post on huff post (i think was where it was) about how you were embarassed that you were divorced at the age of 22. But you were the one that filed it. Im at that stage in my life where you were back then. My wife is filing for divorce and I’m 25, shes 23. She said she’s embarassed that she will be divorced and that statement puzzled me…

    If you are the one trying to file for divorce and its embarassing, why continue filing for divorce? Especially when your partner (I) am trying to convey that I have done ALOT of help seeking and introspective thinking and changing myself to treat her better if she gives me a second chance. I don’t understand how she can continue to file for divorce if she feels embarassed by it? (Maybe this is a stupid example but its like having a long fart in class and being embarassed but continue farting anyways)


    1. I didn’t file for my divorce so that part is a little different. I wish I could give you advice but I can’t. Divorce is so hard and every situation is as different as your finger print. I admire you wanting to work on your relationship and change. I was just embarrassed because I felt like I had failed at the biggest thing I could fail at. Good luck with everything, divorce is a very long, difficult road. You’ll make it out one way or another.


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