Teaching your Mini Me’s at Home!

I have a preschool age little boy. He’s the bomb. He seems like the smartest child on the planet and I’m not even being biased, ooooooor maybe I am. But either way, when it came time for preschool we had a hard time finding one to enroll him in. It didn’t have anything to do with no schools being good enough or not being able to find a program that we liked. Unfortunately, it was connected to his bi-weekly visits with his dad. Don’t get me wrong, those visits are the best thing for him, but it’s hard to find a school that allows him to only attend every other week.

I wasn’t stressed. He was so smart that he would be just fine in Kindergarten. Besides, I didn’t go to Preschool and I feel like I’m pretty smart most of the time. The problem came when all of his friends started talking about school. “I can’t play until 12:30 because I have school.” “Today at school we played with paint and I painted a giant picture of an alligator!” Our son was confused. “Why can’t I go to school like everyone else?” He was so bummed out! He had seen enough Daniel Tiger to know that school was supposed to be a pretty fun place. Full of blocks, toys, imagination, coloring, snacks, music and more.

I decided that I wanted to be able to give him as much of that experience as he can possibly have. So every day we have “school.” There is no curriculum, and if one day we miss it, we don’t freak out. But, we LOVE it. Some days are hard because keeping him focused and motivated can be quite the task. However, watching him grow and learn right in front of my eyes is such a great experience!
Even if your little goes to school, we have found some activities that we love doing that promote learning, imagination, and more that can be done anytime!

We follow a simple schedule that includes the following topics.

Monday: Letters, Sounds, Spelling and Reading
Tuesday: Numbers, Adding, and Subtracting
Wednesday: Days of the week and Time
Thursday: Colors and Shapes
Friday: Craft day.

Each day before we dive into our learning for the day, Little Man runs outside to see what the weather is like! He then comes back in and gets to post the weather. I made the “weather” by drawing the pictures on card stock, you can even print them out, and then I laminated them which is obviously completely optional but I KNEW they didn’t stand a chance of survival if I didn’t.


We also frequently use my sons “dry erase board.” Which was probably THE EASIEST part to make. We have him draw pictures on it that start with the letter we are learning about. He practices writing his letters, his numbers, drawing his shapes and more.

For this part, I took pieces of card stock to the office supply store, and get ready, I LAMINATED THEM. Boom! Dry erase board! We have four of them.



So he draws these pictures for that day and then after we’re done, I wipe it off and put it away so that it’s ready to use again tomorrow! And when I say away, I mean in this shoe box that I label his “school box.”


He gets rewarded for paying attention and doing his best. Which is something that at 4, I’m sure is EXTREMELY difficult. We took a trip to the dollar store and purchased some cheap dollar store “rewards.” He picked out jump ropes, bubbles, coloring books, flashlights, puzzles and more. $15.00 later I had rewards to last me forever. After every day, if he’s been good he gets to pick one of these! And let’s be honest, even as an adult stickers are pretty great.


And he gets to put it on the back of THIS!

His own personal name tag! I found them at Hobby Lobby for like….$1.99.
And because they were so cheap, I kinda felt like I needed one too. And apparently I’m on a power trip because who are we kidding, I’m not even close to being a teacher….but a girl can pretend right?

I’m not gonna lie I’m not awesome at this whole thing and there are days that I have no idea what we’re going to do, so I purchased these handy dandy activity books from again, my fave place, the dollar store!


It really has been such a blessing watching this boy that I swear was born yesterday grow into this wonderful, smart big boy right in front of my eyes! And it was so easy to make it happen!


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